I’ll be named after a wildflower that grows in Sicily. Or perhaps a place where wildflowers grow.
Am I purple? It was my least favorite color until now. But all I can see is dust, limp green leaves amongst the bramble of purple florets, swaying in the warm wind of blue and white.
If I could identify with anything I might be this. A place. A thing.
July 20th, 2017

Perhaps the best way to describe myself is that I have always wanted to be an artist, but for a very long time I didn’t know how to make such a nomadic life a reality. What seemed to be natural to me at the same time seemed out of reach. Captured by the small food stores, knowingly displaying theirs crafts, proud little cafes and restaurants, I began waitressing. Getting that much closer to something that felt right. Not long after that I was among twelve other students attending a local french pastry school. I’ve assisted chefs, but mostly contemplating the food more than getting on with it. I discovered I’m a writer who writes about food. I’ve found solstice in the farmers markets, and an ever growing collection of cookbooks from the wonderful book stores abound. Cooking from them in hand.

Hello! My name is Jessica. Thank you for being here.

Jessica Russ lives in New York City