Need to learn how to
Hold chopsticks

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Discovering about strawberries and mizuame, will keep trying, even not perfect it’s still delicious. Like hand writing though, there are sooo many versions of perfect. Perfect means free of faults. Who’s to say other than what’s honest within a moment. Which is always passing, or evolving, whichever it’s hard to grasp. Like the time I gave my family a plate of peas and steamed mussels, to eat which chopsticks. Humbled by the reward of their reaction, i’ll never forget what it’s like to relate to a perfect moment.


~ ~ ~

Had an idea to grate asian pear with a onioroshi (bamboo daikon grater)  to make a sweet  sort of oroshi to be (peared) ; -P! I love these tools, as ideas stem from their properties. Just imagine! A sweet oroshi!